As a videographer it is important to take payment seriously. That’s where having a proper video production agreement comes in handy. This is not a contract, but rather, this is a video production agreement that I have my clients sign up front that outlines key project elements such as how much the project will cost, a detailed breakdown of labor and revisions included, what happens when the client is slow to provide feedback and terms for payment and rights transfer. In short – this is kind like a video production rulebook that both agree to and follow when working on a project.

I tend to use this from projects under $10,000 and with clients that I trust … but who may be slow to pay, or frequently makes requests that go beyond the scope of our original estimates. By using this document, I have been able to avoid unpleasant things like late payments, having a client tell their superior that I made false promises or having angry clients who did not understand the work included in my original estimate.

If this is the kind of thing that interests you – well guess what … I’ve got one that you can use! I’ve provided a link to below to my own personal sample video production agreement. I’d totally appreciate if you shared my site with your filmmaking friends. We’re new and could definitely use some more readers as we grow!

(Oh … and I WILL post my full LEGAL contract down the road for those who want it!)

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