This new indie horror flick by director Andre Overdal makes good on the promise to scare the living hell out of you. Even if you are not familiar Overdal’s original indie horror flick Trollhunter – we advise you buy your tickets while you still can.  Given the success of 2015’s Krampus, it’s safe to say that anybody the least bit sick of Holiday Cheer will be headed to the theatre to get their regular dose of horror. Synopsis below:


Experienced coroner Tommy Tilden and his grown-up son Austin run a family-owned morgue and crematorium in Virginia. When the local Sheriff brings in an emergency case – an unknown female corpse nicknamed ‘Jane Doe’, found in the basement of a home where a multiple homicide took place – it seems like just another open-and-shut case. But as the autopsy proceeds, these seasoned professionals are left reeling as each layer of their inspection brings frightening new revelations. Perfectly preserved on the outside, Jane Doe’s insides have been scarred, charred and dismembered – seemingly the victim of a horrific yet mysterious ritualistic torture. As Tommy and Austin begin to piece together these gruesome discoveries, an unnatural force takes hold of the crematorium. While a violent storm rages above ground, it seems the real horrors lie on the inside…